Chapter Well Mannered Well Brought Up

Growing up in a social atmosphere, Obedience training, Is obedience training necessary?, No punishment, Rewards & Praise, Basic commands, Feeding time, Retraining, Clinker training, Adult dogs, Jumping, Loose leash training, Biting, Socialization prevents biting, Trust & Respect inhibits biting, Use of reprimands & biting, barking, Aggression, How do I teach my dog not to dig? Fear, Roaming, Now! Some tricks, Training large dogs, Small breeds, Easy to train breeds, A few definitions, FAQ's

Chapter 6. A Special Experience. Breeding 79

To breed or not to breed, Breeding time, How to choose a stud, Gestation, Preparation time

Chapter 7. Spaying & Neutering 82

The right age, Benefits

Chapter 8. Protective Love. Vaccination & Healthcare 84

Prevention not cure, Vaccination schedule, DHLP-P Vaccines, Worms-round worms,Hook worms, whip worms, & heart worms, Fleas & ticks, Dermatitis, Flea control,Ticks, Diseases, Viral diseases- Rabies, CCV, Hip Dysplasia, Autoimmune diseases, Heart, Bloat. Quick! I'm having an emergency - bleeding, breathing difficulties, Burns, Convulsions/Fits, Injuries to the eyeball, Shock. Cover your dog with pet insurance,As the years go by! An aging dog, FAQ's

Crate Training 101

Crate Training 101

Everything you need to know about crate training your dog or puppy, from what type and size of crate you should buy to how to set yourself up for success!

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