Do I need a trainer and if so how can I get a good one

Yes. A good trainer can help you train your dog the right way. He is necessary not only to help your dog become a well trained dog but also to help you become a good owner. Choose one who uses humane training techniques that encourage appropriate behavior through such positive reinforcement as food, attention, play, or praise. Training techniques should never involve yelling, choking, shaking the scruff, tugging on the leash, alpha rolling (forcing the dog onto his back), or other actions that frighten or inflict pain.

All family members should be encouraged to participate, if possible. Make sure that all lessons are clearly demonstrated and explained. Training should be clearly structured steps, and written materials provided. Each owner should have time to practice with his dog during class. The trainer should give individual attention to each dog. Avoid chaotic classes and classes with too many dogs enrolled. You should be comfortable with the methods your trainer uses.

Dog Owners Delight

Dog Owners Delight

Bringing a cute puppy into your home is a great joy which only a person who does that can experience. These dogs provide you with a very sincere relationship which you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

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