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Selection Of A Suitable Breed

When the writer was manager of the Bide-A-Wee Home for Animals in New York City, he saw many dogs brought into the shelter because they were too big for city apartments. And from reports, Bide-A-Wee is still getting these unwanted dogs. Since Bide-A-Wee has the policy of never destroying any animal unless incurably ill, these big dogs that were evicted from city apartments spend their days in the Bide-A-Wee shelters. Some of them may be lucky enough to get a home in the country.

Older Children

Kids in this age group make excellent obedience trainers because they are into the teaching learning process themselves and they lack the self-consciousness of adults. Older kids are also beginning to look to the future, and may envision themselves as veterinarians or trainers or show dog handlers or writers of the next Lassie best-seller. Dogs are perfect confidants for these dreams. They won't tell a soul.

Boarding The Old

The writer has had considerable experience with this situation. As manager of the Bide-A-Wee Home for Animals in New York, he supervised a special boarding and pension section. Not too many old dogs were boarded, but the pension kennels had as many as fifty old-timers on a daily basis. It took all of our ingenuity and dog know-how to get these old pensioners to eat. None of them was ill they were just getting old many of them 10 years or more. We had to resort to special foods, fancy cooking, intravenous feeding even having the old dogs fed by women. Many dogs have been fed by women all their lives and will refuse to eat when fed by men. And this brings us up to the question of euthanasia, or putting the old dog to sleep. Should you have the dog put to sleep when he gets too old The question is one with which the writer grappled almost every day of his six years as manager of Bide-A-Wee. There are too many facets to the question for a pat answer. The decision is yours alone no...

Leases And Dogs

The writer was embroiled in many of these landlord-tenant disputes when he was manager of the Bide-A-Wee Home in New York City. On one occasion he was subpoenaed as a witness in a case where the landlord claimed a tenant brought in a dog after the landlord had issued his edict about no dogs being allowed in the apartment house. The tenant had adopted the dog from Bide-A-Wee. And the date on the


With all due respects to the animal behaviorists' theory of coprophagy, we think the true reason lies elsewhere. When the writer was managing a large dairy farm in Connecticut some years ago, he had ten dogs that had the run of the 235-acre farm. These dogs were fed a high-quality dog meal, supplemented with milk from the farm. They were free from worms 90 percent of the time and received a vitamin and mineral supplement. The dogs were not penned up all day and night, but were allowed the freedom of the farm, since there were many rodents and other vermin in the area. Yet these dogs never failed to eat each other's feces or that of the


Just how dangerous are the poisonous snakes to dogs It all depends on the condition of the snakes and the location of the bites. Also, on the amount of venom injected into the bites. When the writer was a veterinary technician in the Army during World War II, a K-9 dog was bitten by a water moccasin. The accident occurred near a swamp in Georgia, with the dog being bitten on the tip of the nose. Despite emergency first aid (which was difficult because of the location of the bite), the dog died. The snake was very potent and the bite was in a dangerous place.


This is particularly true of those older dogs that have led sheltered lives, with little or no opportunity to become exposed to the virus and build up an immunity. The writer has seen dogs 7 and 8 years old with distemper. One of the first rabies symptoms to appear is a very noticeable change in the dog's behavior. A friendly dog may become irritable, snappy, or ferocious. Or the opposite may occur a snappy, surly dog may become docile and dull. However, most rabid dogs are very restless and easily excited. The only positive case of rabies observed by the writer was a dog that would fly into fierce rages when a stick was thrust at him through the cage door. The dog had been confined as a suspected case of rabies after having bitten three people and another dog. He became increasingly worse and died four days after being confined. A microscopic examination of his brain revealed the Negri bodies that are associated with rabies. This is the only case...

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