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Save The Marriage

Lee Baucom, Ph. D. shows couples with marriage troubles a new way to save their marriage that is far more effective than any marriage counselor in this marriage course. In 4 easy-to-read modules, Dr. Baucom shows the step by step way to save a marriage that is in danger of ending any day. These show the top 5 mistakes that most people make in marriage, the REAL secrets to a happy marriage, why marriage counseling can actually HURT your marriage more, and how to move beyond your emotions into action. This module can actually have you saving your marriage in less than an hour, sometimes even 10 minutes. This book also comes with 4 bonus gifts free: Coping With a Midlife Marriage Crisis, Recovering from an Affair, 5 Rules for Fighting Fair, and an eBook written by a couple who was on the edge of divorce and the methods they used to get a happy marriage back. Marriage can be hard, but divorce is harder, on you and your children. Why risk it? Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

The Relationship Rewrite Method

Getting your man back is a totally different phenomenon than wooing him the first time. But with this new step-by-step guide full of tips and tricks, you will have him tumbling back towards you. It is possible considering the creator of the program. James Bauer, better known as the guru behind the website, have been helping people like you in mending their relationships. He has been tending to a variety of clients and because of this interaction, and his previous expertise in relationship science, he has mounted a great deal of understanding of the subject matter. The author has developed this program as a very easy guide that can be followed by everyone. It is a PDF that will change your life for good just the way you want it. It works on a very basic formula of planting a seed of the same tree that you had groomed all those years. With this program, I assure your relationship will develop faster and better than what it was before. You will see how everything goes beyond your expectations and how your bond with your man becomes stronger than before. There are no bonuses with this one, but I assure you won't need any. Read more here...

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Save My Marriage Today

Save my marriage today is a program designed to help save your marriage from tumbling. It addresses all the types of problems commonly experienced in marriage, especially the threat of divorce. It is a creation of Amy Waterman, a professional writer who focusses in attraction and dating, and more particularly on marriage counseling and relationship guidance. Since the program has salvaged at least 6000 marriages, it is indisputable that there is a lot of positive you are going to learn from it. You only need to have the will to save your marriage, and time is now. If you have acknowledged something isn't right, take action. Work towards fixing the problem immediately. The truth is, you will only be required to start with one or two things and if you do them appropriately, you will be successful. There are so many benefits you are going to reap from this program. Subscribe to it today and protect your marriage. Read more here...

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Its Just You Your

It's not the name of a movie yet but it sure could be Housetraining really is about how you and your dog connect. Your relationship with your dog will set the pace of how quickly your dog will get trained. You need to have the right balance of love, firmness and structure. If you are loving to the point of coo chi cooing indulgence, then you can be sure that you aren't going to have much success with housetraining routines. Your dog as a puppy is very impressionable if you put him on your lap all the time, let him have more than a couple of accidents in the house and even then let him sleep in your bed you can rest assured that he is not going to outgrow that pattern. Even before you bring your dog home, make sure you know exactly how to pattern your relationship with your dog. You need to set the rules down from the beginning so that your dog senses that you are the one who has to be obeyed and that you have to be obeyed not out of fear but because you love the dog enough to be the...

Forming Your Personal Training Style

An analysis of your relationship with your Dachshund isn't complete without a little self-examination. For some people, training dogs is easy (perhaps for the owner of the star of Figure 12-1). Others can't seem to train the most willing and tractable of pets. What is it about human behavior that's sometimes so contrary to communicating effectively with animal behavior

Starting Off Leash Training

These off-leash walks will have a special effect on your relationship with your dog. They strengthen your emotional ties in a magical way. It is almost as if you are re-creating the times when wild canines struck off on the hunt together. In any case, there are few activities a dog enjoys more than a Taking your young puppy for walks off leash is wonderful for getting your relationship off to a good start. (Basset Hound) Taking your young puppy for walks off leash is wonderful for getting your relationship off to a good start. (Basset Hound)

Choosing a Training Method

There are many different ways to train a dog. Of course, you want to choose a method that is easy and effective. However, there should be a more important consideration the method's effect on your relationship with your dog. A good relationship is based on respect for one another's feelings, so the training method you choose should be one that respects your dog's intelligence and dignity and is as gentle and pleasant as possible.

Is obedience training necessary

Obedience training should be fun and rewarding for you and your dog. It can enrich your relationship and make living together more enjoyable. A well-trained dog is more confident and can more safely be allowed a greater amount of freedom than an untrained one. A trained dog will come when called.

Realistic Expectations

Some dogs are easier to train than others. Some dogs will never be safe off leash, and others you couldn't lose if you tried. Knowing what factors affect this will help you to understand your dog and to have realistic expectations regarding his training. Such expectations will help prevent you from feeling angry and frustrated. These emotions interfere with good training by affecting your judgment and your relationship with your dog.

Teaching Commands Sit Stay Okay and No

Training to teach specific words should begin at about eight to nine weeks of age. This training will set the tone of your relationship right from the beginning. Your puppy will learn to enjoy training, and the positive nature of this training will counteract the effects of other corrections you will be making as you raise your puppy. Your puppy will also learn that you will be communicating with him with words and signals, and that he will be rewarded for paying attention and responding.

Coming When Called and the Off Leash

Coming when called is every dog owner's dream, and most dog owners' nemesis. Yet it is so important to the quality of a dog's life, to a dog's safety, and to a happy relationship between dog and owner. Breathes there a dog owner who has not experienced the horror of chasing a runaway dog You are filled with anger that it is happening, frustration at your inability to capture an animal who runs faster than you can, and fear that your dog will run out into the street and be hit by a car. Yet some of the biggest pleasures of dog ownership are based on a dog who comes when called off leash playing Frisbee, going for a quiet walk in the woods or throwing sticks into a pond for your dog to retrieve. What a contrast of scenes, and it is all dependent on whether or not your dog comes when called.

Special Activities for Special Breeds

Lure coursing, herding tests, and AKC hunting tests are all examples of dog sports that are based on the job for which breeds were developed. Earthdog tests allow small terriers and Dachshunds the opportunity to find rats in a cage underground. Man's competitive nature led to the design of ways to test these skills. Such tests are also a means to identify and measure these instinctive behaviors so they can be preserved in breeding programs, since most dogs no longer have the opportunity to engage in the work for which they were bred. Because these dog sports utilize the instincts of the dogs, the dogs love them. They are a fun and challenging way for you and your dog to spend time together. If you own one of the breeds used in these sports, try to go see such an event. Like dog showing, if kept in the proper prospective, they provide a fascinating hobby and an opportunity to make new friends. Giving your dog the opportunity to make use of his instinctive behavior will make him...

Destructive Chewing and Separation Anxiety

Puppies chew out of curiosity and playfulness. Use a bottle of a bitter-tasting solution purchased at a pet supply store to discourage him from chewing. Spray it on furniture legs and tissues in the trash can. That way you will not have to get your relationship off to a bad start by constantly having to correct him. Confine your puppy when you are away, for his safety and the safety of your house. Your dog may be one to two years old before you can trust him loose in the house.

Life with Dogs

In truth, I had always hated the word obedience. It carried the same connotation as breaking in within the horse world. It simply underlined the reality of the situation, that what I was using was a kind of enforcement, a means of going against the will of the animal. It is, to my mind, like the word obey within marriage vows. Why not use words like work alongside, pull together, cooperate Obey is just too emotive for me. But what could I do about it There were no books about how to do it any other way. And who was I to argue There are no two ways about it. You have to have your dog under control. You can't have it just running amok. It is our responsibility as it is with our children to make them socially responsible. I had no real alternative.

Games and Tricks

The best part of sharing life with a dog is the fun you'll have together. Although training and hard work seem to make up a large part of the early stages in your relationship, the real goal is mutual respect so that you can at every golden opportunity from here on out play.

Offleash Training

Success lie in the foundation you set during fundamental obedience training. Those ingredients are consistency in reinforcing patterns and commands, distraction-training distance commands, and simple respect for your relationship. Maturity on the dog's part, coupled with these other ingredients, is the final piece of the puzzle. Remember that you can't rush maturity.


Going on new adventures can do a world of good for your relationship with your dog if you structure them well. Your dog will put a lot of pride in your worldliness and your ability to lead her safely into new, uncharted territories. You look big and bold, while she's still a bit unsure. Bring your dog with you as often as possible, and expose her to many enriching environments, remembering that she sees new places with her nose. Whenever possible, let her sniff for a few moments to help calm her.


What you get out of your relationship with your dog is proportional to what you put into it. Anything you do to spend quality time with your dog will improve your relationship, but facing new challenges and learning together will give your relationship a unique depth. The rewards are worth it.

No punishments

Never ever carry out physical or verbal punishments on your dog. It will only damage your relationship with him. A firm NO is sufficient to make him understand that you are not happy with what he has just done. You can bar his negative actions by using your hands to restrain him. Never hit or physically abuse him.


When you experience what you perceive as a problem, ask yourself, What is my responsibility toward its solution We start with the basic premise that it is rarely the dog's fault. If you truly do the same, the solution will come to you. On the other hand, if you always blame your dog, your relationship is doomed to fail.

Training Never Ends

The more you train your dog, the better your relationship will be. The five weeks of training described in this chapter provide only a foundation that should be built upon with further training. Five weeks is enough time for your dog to begin to understand what the commands mean, but it is not enough time to achieve any degree of reliability. For response to commands and signals to become a habit, especially without food, it takes a thousand repetitions. You also need lots of practice in different situations, and different places, both indoors and outdoors. In order for your dog to retain what he has learned, you must continue training him throughout his lifetime. This reasoning is based on the principle that any learned behavior that is not reinforced will fade or deteriorate. What this means is that if you stop making your dog obey your commands and stop rewarding him for doing so, he will gradually stop obeying them. For instance, if you keep calling your dog to you and never...


If you have a chance to try agility, don't pass it up. Even if you don't plan to compete, it is a great confidence builder for dogs and a fun way to practice stay and off-leash obedience. It's best to take a basic obedience class first before trying an agility class. Introductory classes are mostly taught on leash. There's nothing better for your relationship with your dog than having fun together.

Learn to Interpret

It is uncommon for one dog to charge another and bark repetitively in her face unless the dog is psychotic. It is especially confusing when you do it, since you are the person your dog wants to turn to when she feels threatened. Don't yell at your dog. It will not help in training her or strengthening your relationship. Many dogs look afraid when shouted at, but this is not understanding it is fear.

Other Alternatives

If you cannot exercise your dog yourself, consider hiring a dog walker. You will miss out on the benefits to your relationship that exercising your dog provides, but at least your dog won't be frustrated. Your dog walker could be a neighborhood child who wants to earn some money. You can give your dog walker a prescribed route to follow for these walks, or he could just throw a ball for your dog in your backyard. This is a good alternative for a single person who works during the day and has occasional commitments in the evening that would preclude any time for walking a dog, or for an older person.


Talking about punishment probably seems like a funny way to start a section on housebreaking the positive way. However, punishment is the method many people use to housebreak their dogs, so I want to discuss it right away. Punishment is the cause of a lot of housebreaking problems that can be prevented. You can housebreak your dog without using it at all, which is nicer for both you and your dog and avoids getting your relationship off to a bad start.

Obedience Classes

Finding a good class can be difficult. If you can't find a good one, don't go at all. Some classes are taught in such a violent manner that they can do damage to your dog and your relationship. Obedience classes are taught by all sorts of groups and individuals. It is important to know that dog trainers are not licensed in any way. Anyone can declare himself a dog trainer, so you have to be very careful. Some correspondence schools declare people dog trainers who have just read about dog training and observed one class. One person apprenticed with me, and when I told her she wasn't ready yet to teach classes, she left and opened her own school.

Your Dogs Worldview

Before you jump into training your dog and strengthening your relationship, it is important to understand exactly what motivates your dog's happiness. Understanding how your dog thinks, views your home, and communicates with you is possible once you look at the world from your dog's perspective. The impulses that relate him to a breed (or a mix of breeds), his personality, and his energy level are all aspects of your dog that will shape his worldview and his association to you.

Dogs Are Our Mirrors

Training your dog magnifies the mirror effect because your relationship is intensified by the communication effort. Are you apt to lose your temper with your dog, or are you quick to blame him when he doesn't understand what you want When you become frustrated, do you give up, or do you tend to resort to physical force Are you afraid that if you are assertive in your training efforts your dog will not love you What does the way you train your dog tell you about yourself

Foolish Assumptions

You love Dachshunds, or are thinking about falling in love soon. I assume you're interested in being the best possible dog owner, whether you've already brought home your new Dachshund or you're about to. I assume you have the time, the will, and the way to bring a Dachshund into your life, or that you have a Dachshund you love and cherish and you want to learn how to improve your relationship and dog-care skills. I also assume you're interested in training your dog maybe doing some dog sports or possibly just having the best possible little cuddly lap dog you can have.

Savving Your Marriage

Savving Your Marriage

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